Kreco Antennas


Heavy Duty
Shunt Fed

Model CO-41H

By these antennas internally the entire
external surfaces are at ground potential.
The vertical radiator is aluminum pipe
which extends down inside the skirt and
inside the support pipe.  Thus there is
double pipe inside the skirt and down to
the bottom end of the mounting pipe.

Vertical Radiator: 1" Pipe
Mounting Pipe: 1 1/4" Pipe
Support Pipe is Stainles Steel
Skirt: 2 5/8" Tube
Power Rating: 3 KW
Unity Gain - Omni Directional
A UHF Female Connector Is Inside
The Lower End Of The Mounting Pipe.
Pipe Is Part Of The Antenna

Frequency Range
30 - 50 MHz 22
50 - 100 MHz 18
Heated Models  
30 - 50 MHz 25
50 - 100 MHz 20


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