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These are high quality antennas, machined in your choice of Aircraft Aluminum or Brass with all stainless steel screws.  They all mount on the threaded end of standard pipe.*  Each is equipped with a female UHF connector and is so constructed that a one-piece  feedline is used directly from the antenna to the transmitter.  Type N termination may be ordered but note that the Type N does not fit through 3/4" pipe.   All antennas are capable of withstanding the maximum power permissable with RG-8/U or well over 500 watts.

* pipe is not a part of the antenna except the all grounded models which have support pipe as part of the antenna.

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High Band Co-Axial Antennas

High Band Co-Plane Antennas

Low Band Co-Axial Antennas

Low Band Co-Plane Antennas

Shunt Fed Co-Axial Antennas

Shunt Fed Co-Axial Antennas HD

High Band All Grounded Co-Axial Antennas

Stacked Co-Axial Antennas

High Band Ground Plane Antennas

UHF Antennas (Unity Gain)

Folded Ground Plane Antennas

Airport Ground Plane


Vertical Beam Antennas VB-40A

Vertical Beam Antennas VB-150

Broadband Antennas

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